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Established in 2006, PatodiaInc emerged as a leader in providing off shoring solutions.  With offices based out of three locations in India and 4 international locations, it is one of the fastest growing company offering high quality & cost effective solutions to clients globally.

The team specializes in offering audio transcription and data processing services, undertake internet base research activities and providing web / logo designing and programming solutions.

The company ensures the criticality of client information and focuses majorly on hiring employees with high potential who produce high quality of work and thus the team has employees working out of various global locations such as India, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam and USA.

PatodiaInc’s ultimate objective is “Client Satisfaction” therefore, if any client is dissatisfied with the work, PatodiaInc returns the payment or doesn’t charge the client for the work done.

One of the challenges, global clients experience is simple payment options.  PatodiaInc, clearly understand this specific need of the clients and offer different payment solutions such as paypal, wire transfer, moneybookers, xoom.